As people’s lives get busier it becomes more challenging to complete all of the household duties. Sometimes mowing the lawn can seem like a tedious chore. This is why artificial grass, also known as “fake grass or Astro turf” is becoming more and more popular. Artificial grass looks just like real grass but without all the hassle and imperfections. We have many different qualities and styles of artificial grass that we sell on a supply only basis

Artificial Grass Will Change Your Garden for The Better

Whether you are looking to transform your garden into a contemporary, modern outdoor space? or do you own a pre-school or nursery and want a safe, outdoor play area for the children all year round? If so, then artificial grass could be the answer to all of your problems. 

Virtually Maintenance Free

With artificial grass you no longer have the maintenance issues associated with real grass, just think no more mowing and no more watering. Suddenly your outdoor space can be a clean, perfect area for you to enjoy without any hassle. The artificial grass products now available are so advanced that it is often not possible to tell the difference between the product and real grass.

Samples are available upon request.