See our floors in your room, a quick and easy step on the journey to discovering your new dream floor. Just click on the Icon on the bottom right hand corner of this screen to get started!

With our Room Visualiser, simply upload a photo of your chosen room to instantly see how different colours and styles will transform your room; if you’re starting from scratch, use one of our room sets for inspiration. Discover the floors that work best with your décor, whilst at the same time creating your desired ambiance. No app, no hassle, our Room Visualiser is just another way to find the right floor for you.

What a difference a floor makes

There’s no simpler way to see which floor will work for you and your home. Get inspired and let your imagination run wild – try a style you wouldn’t have considered before. You may be surprised by what you end up creating and falling in love with.

Flick between floors

With hundreds of floors to choose from, make it easier to find your favourite by filtering between colour, room suitability, type and price. Watch the floor change right before your eyes, allowing you to quickly compare floors – zoom, rotate and scroll until you’ve found your favourite.


Take the next exciting step on the journey to discovering your new dream floor. Our extra-large samples make comparing your selection of favourites easy. Take the opportunity to see the beauty of your chosen floor in natural light whilst experiencing the different textures and finishes available. When you’re ready and you’ve finished with your Room Visualiser creations, let us know and we can arrange sampling for you. 

If you want to visualise a Karndean floor then please click the below photo.