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Repose Pearl 1500 Pocket Sprung Mattress (Splendour)

Repose Pearl 1500 Pocket Sprung Mattress (Splendour)

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This mattress includes 1500 individually-nested pocket springs, that move independently of one another to provide high levels of postural support and luxurious comfort distributed evenly across the entire mattress. These individual pocket springs ensure your mattress is responsive and supportive of your unique body shape, size, and posture – which ensures a high-quality sleep every night.

The Pearl mattress is also hand-tufted with a luxurious 'Cool Touch' soft knit fabric, which provides a sumptuously soft sleeping surface. This elasticated and soft-to-the-touch fabric boasts temperature regulating properties, that ensure your night's sleep is undisturbed by any temperature changes. The excellent heat transfer qualities allow your body to lower its temperature for sleep, even during periods of high ambient temperatures. These cooling properties ensure that falling and staying asleep is quicker, easier and more relaxing.

The layers of hypo-allergenic polyester fillings within this mattress have been developed to specifically repel any allergens, and allow air to flow through the mattress which increases its overall life span while also keeping you cool as you sleep. The border of the Pearl includes four stitched handles, that make moving and positioning this mattress much easier to manage.

This pocket sprung mattress provides a medium/firm level of support, which is ideal for those who prefer a mattress that provides enough comfort and give, whilst still offering firmness as they sleep. The Pearl is turnable, and Vogue Beds recommends that turning and rotating your mattress regularly will extend its long life of high performance.



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