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Sintra 583 Vinyl Flooring - 2m wide

Sintra 583 Vinyl Flooring - 2m wide

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Add a classic look to your floor with this Sintra 583 Vintage Herringbone Vinyl Flooring.

With its detailed wood parquet design, this vinyl creates a herringbone pattern that shows small 23.5cm x 7.8cm planks in a variety of shades. The mix of light beige and brown gives this vinyl a cool, contemporary look that works well with a wide range of rooms, from the ultra modern to warmer and more traditional styles. A matt finish, textured surface and R10 slip resistance rating combine to give this vinyl its realistic appearance and create a comfortable feel to any room.

Add a softer and warmer feel underfoot with this vinyl and its 2.6mm foam backing. Vinyl flooring is simple for you to cut to match your room’s unique shape and is easy to keep looking great. You can even use this flooring in kitchens and bathrooms, with its 0.2mm water resistant wear layer.



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